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New Retirement Plan: Work Until You Die?

“Work until you die.” Is that a new retirement strategy? Probably not but the fact is that more and more people are working past age 65. There’s good reason for this. One is longer life spans. Thirty years of solid retirement (i.e., no work) is a long time to be idle. Along with that is the fact that most people haven’t saved enough money to last 30 years. Another reason is that people are capable of working longer. Generations ago, when 65 became the norm for retirement, people expected to live only until about 70 and, due to the more physically demanding nature of the work they did, they simply couldn’t keep going after 65. Today with better health, medicine and more sedentary jobs, working until 70 or later is feasible.

There’s an interesting article in The Guardian about working after 65. You might find it interesting.


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